Sunday, January 18, 2009

Slow Moving

So, my secret plan to sneak into work despite my boss' and my family's objections. It never came to fruition. I am moving too slow and I am too weak. It's steroid day and even at the lower dose, I am not good for much.

Instead I am trying sort through some stuff. One of my goals for the bedroom renovation is to go through everything I take out and not just blindly move stuff back in.

I am a packrat.

So last night I went through a box and reduced the contents by 3/4s. For example, Frankie and I went to Riverdance years ago. It's normal to save a program.....I had four.
We have been to Disney a few times, Tommy and I......Tommy, Frankie, John and I....Frankie and I.....Frankie, Danny (one of my extras) and I.....Frankie, Earl (Earl is one of Frankie's good friends and I knew if I brought him I could just lounge at Typhoon Lagoon) and I....every ticket was in that box.
Receipts so worn that I couldn't tell what they were for. LOL, I am bad.

Today I've resolved to go through the lingerie chest. I've been putting it off. Back on October 23rd my claddagh necklace broke. The charm was fine, the chain was fine. But the piece that connected them broke. Once I found the charm in the bed where it was under the pillow I thought all was fine. I took the necklace off. I remember doing it and putting it "somewhere safe".

And now "steroid girl" can't remember where that is. I've looked a few places, but I am so afraid of not finding it, that I'm not looking that hard. It isn't lost if I haven't looked everywhere. I know, it's hard to follow how my mind works.

So, my normal "safe place" is the lingerie chest. I don't wear jewelry often, consequently I don't have much. The bulk of it is in the lingerie chest.

But today I am making myself do it. I'm three drawers into seven and it's not looking good.

I broke open a sachet in the 3rd drawer and made a mess. I pulled out the vacuum and it wasn't sucking anything up. I was perplexed because I had recently changed the bag.

The hose was completely stopped up with all manner of things that should be *picked* up, not *vacuumed* up.

Seems the boys have been cleaning in my absence. I know it's the thought that counts - but these mutton headed boys will try to vacuum up anything smaller than a dead body rather than bend over and pick it up.

Ok, back to the search. It's bumming me out. My Dad gave me this necklace when he came back from a trip to Ireland in '03 and I basically NEVER take it off.


Mrs. K said...

As my grandmother would say....You gotta ask St. Anthony to help you find it!

Stella said...

Would St. Anthony of Padua help? I love this site and hope you enjoy it.