Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Jen's Listening To Michael Graham

She emails me -

"Ok Michael Graham is laughing about the fact that he didn’t know there were words to go along with Hail to the Chief, I feel like a complete geek because when he played it I knew the words."

Sorry Jen, you are a geek.

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Stella said...

I didn't know either...

Hail to the Chief we have chos-en for the na - tion,
Hail to the Chief! We sa-lute him, one and all._______
Hail to the Chief, as we pledge co-op - er -a- tion_____
In proud ful-fill-ment of a great, no-ble call.____

Yours is the aim to make this grand coun-try grand-er,
This you will do, That's our strong, firm be-lief.__
Hail to the one we se-lect-ed as com-mand-er,
Hail to the Pres-i-dent! Hail to the Chief!