Friday, November 02, 2007


Tonight was very traumatic.

It started out pretty good. I brought in hot chocolate for my staff wenches. I worked hard. I had a 32 minute audio rendezvous with SB. I had a great day. Went off to get my hair colored.............the red is gone. Then, with no plans in particular, I headed for the gym. I love this gym. There were four other people there. No wait for a treadmill. The exercise room was empty so I got to do the whole 49 minutes of yoga and not feel like I was holding anyone up. Then there was a shower for as long as I wanted. Nice, huh? So I head off to Walmart to pick up a few things. I call Jen, to see if she needs anything, no. I am wandering around looking for a new kind of cheese to try. Atkins loves cheese

When the traumatic part I wander, I realize.......I can hear.......what I think is......NO, it can't be........but seems to be Latin.....over the loudspeaker.........a man singing's "Ave Maria".
It's Christmas music. I call Jennifer. I tell her. She tells me to get over it. I say "You must not have heard me, I said they are playing Christmas music in the Walmart." Her reply? "Well, you could stop shopping there." Fine, I say good bye. That's when I noticed the Christmas tree and the Christmas display from the Pepperidge Farm people.

Doesn't anyone feel my pain? It's All Souls Day, for pity's sake!


SK said...

C'mon now, stop the whining!! lol I have heard more people complain about how early this stuff is out. I NEED to do my shopping this early because much of what I buy, including Christmas trees, will be mailed next week to A'stan and Iraq. If I don't mail it to 'stan now, they won't get it for Christmas!!! So please, everybody reading this, suck it up so I can get more stuff for the troops :)

AFSister said...

I'm FEELIN' IT, Maggs.
I was at the 'Mart yesterday and could NOT believe my ears when I heard Christmas musak.


I have nothing against Christmas music. I like Christmas music. BUT IT'S NOT EVEN THANKSGIVING YET.

Pia said...

See, I'm going to have to go the other extreme. I'm applauding Walmart not only for embracing Christmas (instead of just referring to it as a season or generic holiday so not to offend), but for playing the ultimate Catholic song over their loudspeaker. Nice thumb in the eye! Yes, it is early, but it's never to early to offend :)

Ron Simpson said...

In the ever expanding rush to commercialize everything, Wal-Mart ahs taken the Christmas shopping rush to an all time high (?low?) they might as well put a year round Christmas section up.