Saturday, November 10, 2007

Who Is More Bold Than Maggie?

LL at Chromed Curses.

I was pimping Navy and LL was gracious enough to join the Navy team. I made some suggestions in jest and I have been called out.

Here is part of her post.
UPDATE: The idea has been tossed out to “win a date” with the blogger for donations. So I’m gonna put it out there. If you want to try to win a date with me, send me your receipt for your donation. Highest donation wins. I’ll take ya out to dinner and although I can’t promise a Happy Ending, I can promise that you’ll have a good time cuz I really AM a nice person, contrary to common fears out there. If you’re a girl and you win, I’ll still take ya out to dinner and show you a good time, but I probably won’t wear a tight t-shirt for you. *grin*
So, I must follow suit. Same rules.

Princess Crabby is up for bid.

Seriously, I'll throw in some stops on the Freedom Trail and a few choices of places to have dinner - you can pick, tourist trap or true Bostonian place.

The Armorer plays dirty pool.


Anonymous said...

Well, you don't HAVE to, but I'm glad you did! We can be Navy Bait together! hahahahaha

Scott Jacobs said...


While I am Army to the core, I might just have to...

How does one get in on this? It it total donation to any and all branches?

I'm just, you know... Wondering... :)

BostonMaggie said...

Argghhh!!!! A moral dilemma! Do you know how difficult this is for a girl with no morals?

You are my second non-Navy offer.

Scott Jacobs said...

You getting propositioned a lot these days are ya? ;)