Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Jen Called

I explained my difficulties. She listened patiently until I got to the part about her stupid friend in the desert and she said "Hey!" Whatever, they are BFF.....good for them.

Then she added onto the weight of my burdens.

"You thought you were going to stay on? What's wrong with you? You know Diane is making desserts too. That was just stupid. Get over it."

I had been blocking this, but my sister-in-law makes all these little desserts.....peanut butter squares, fudge, rasberry squares, stuff like that. She cuts them up and puts them in little cupcake wrappers piled high on a platter. Evil.

So now I am going to go to the gym and do a pre-emptive strike on the damage I will do tomorrow.

Then I have to go to Stop&Shop and buy the little paper things you put on the turkey legs. That was my Dad's only instruction this year. Hope it's not as traumatic as the search for lemons last Christmas.....or was that Easter?

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