Sunday, November 25, 2007

Here For A Minute

I have to get to bed, my eyes are at half mast. Deb & Gen are down for the weekend.We have a crazy amount of snacks (I will have to move into the gym on Monday), and Frankie showed up with two pizzas and we watched movies all night.

First up "Zodiac"..........then "Ocean's 13" then, despite lobbying by SB we did not watch "In Harm's Way" I explained the whole premise to the girls.....John Wayne, dress whites, Maggie.....Jennifer laughed and said no. I looked over and raised an eyebrow and said "Well....he's your BFF."

I called to wake him and he answered the phone his laugh rumbled across the line from eight time zones away and went right through me from the balls of my feet to send tingles along my scalp.

We finished up the night with "Knocked Up". OMG, if Grace ever finds out we let her daughters watch that film.......we are DEAD! For the love of GOD, don't tell her. If you ever cared about me, don't ever let her know.


Anthony said...

Woman, you have a one track gutter...(not that I mind...)Give my congrats to SB.

Jud said...

I came across your blog when looking to see who had similar interests in music, movies, books, etc. I can't remember which of these we had in common, but I suppose it matters little. I have scanned through a number of your posts, and read several.

This one caught my eye because "In Harm's Way" is a great movie, and one of my favorites. The characters have great strengths, and often great flaws. And the cast was simply incredible.

Thanks for blogging. I look forward to reading more in the future.

BostonMaggie said...

But Jud - It's important to note that I am way better looking and much sexier than Patricia Neal.