Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Argghhh!!!! My Rotten Sister Grace!

My rotten sister Grace just called me about an hour and half ago. She was having a bad day. I was having a pretty good day. I listened to her "Direct TV" tirade and said all the right sisterly things. She said it was a rage day. OK, I said, enjoy that.

Then the conversation turned to other events. The movie last night, my good day, tomorrow, when was she going, who was going. Dinner at my parent's house will occur precisely at 1300 hours. That is the hallmark of these occasions, precise timing and punctuality.......I know what you are did he end up with a daughter like me? I wonder about that too.

Anyway, then she drops this bomb. "Remember the stuff everyone bought from Genevieve's school fundraiser? It will be at Mum's."
Yeah, that's Atkins.

Do you understand how hard it is for me to be good? I am a bad girl in sooooooooo many ways. This morning when I got on the scale I was down to a weight I haven't been since April of 06. Considering my complete and utter lack of self control this is a REAL accomplishment.

We ordered all this crap on Girl's Weekend. It seemed like a great idea at the time. At the time I placed my order I had a mouth full of M&Ms, I had to point to what I wanted! My goddaughter Deb was reading me all the chocolate descriptions. Did I want chocolate cake, double chocolate torte, triple chocolate bombe??????? "Deb, you know me. Circle the chocolate, chocolate thing." Jen picked a chocolate thing. My Mum got two! Of course she doesn't have this problem, I got this body from my father's side of the family, specifically my aunt Teresa, but I am taller.

OK, now it six weeks later and I have been good and going to the gym and even if I slip off, it's carbs, not sugar.

I was laughing and yelling at Grace. I told her she was rotten. I was laughing so hard I could hardly explain it to the girls in work.

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