Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Irony of the Day

Boston is not actually the center of the universe.

Calm down, it's still the center of my universe.

It is ironic that I have have to be the one to tell some people this. Currently there is a little brouhaha going on here in the Hub regarding Pope Benedict's upcoming trip to America. The local papers, and talk shows are whipping everyone up over being snubbed by the Pope. Talk about navel-gazing. In order to be snubbed, you must come up on the radar first. Trust me, the Pope is not sitting in the Vatican telling his appointments secretary......."Boston? I'll show those Bostonians! I'll go to New York and Washington instead!" Are some of us really that smug? Are some of us that self involved?

The most ridiculous one was a guy at the Phoenix who read a poem stating the reason was that the Pope had to avoid Boston because of the priest-sex-abuse scandal. Crazy. As I commented over there; 1) Pope Benedict wasn't in charge when that happened and 2) How would his visiting Boston help heal those wounds?

The Pope, like any other world leader traveling to a foreign country, has a foreign policy agenda to advance. In this case, it is peace in the Middle East and his trip is about how best to accomplish this goal. He is going to the two seats of power in the political world. The Pope will address the U.N. in Turtle Bay and he will meet with the President in DC.

The other item on the Pope's travel agenda is to visit Ground Zero. If he's coming to America and time is short.......that's actually the most meaningful thing he can do.

And to be frank, if I were going to read anything into the Pope passing on Boston.......I'd say it's more a snub for O'Malley. I've not cared for the man since he blew into town.

What has he done that merits a Papal visit? Closing parishes? Holding meetings with parishoners and making them think they have some say and then completely disregarding their input? Disrespecting priests who have worked long and hard in those parishes? Priests who have not a breath of scandal attached to them.

Or perhaps attending an award ceremony for a certain hardworking priest and hijacking the evening with his own agenda?

Yeah. If anyone got passed over, it was O'Malley........not Boston.

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