Friday, November 23, 2007

Admiral Keating is "perplexed and concerned"

So am I baby! I checked with SB and his answer was, "If he is...I am." What has the Admiral "perplexed and concerned"?


I read the AP story and then poked around. I found Springboarder on top of it and bringing together some other threads.

Then I sent an email out to my favorite Sailors and got a lead to these views, here, here and here.

So far, my favorite comment was at the secret squirrel site.

No Hong Kong for you! You come back one year!

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Skippy-san said...

Sadly for Kitty Hawk, that was to be her last overseas port visit outside of Japan...........

Its home next year and in about 5 years you will be shaving your legs with her.........