Thursday, November 15, 2007

My Head Is Swimmin

We picked Bertucci's tonihgt. I arranged for a designated driverr. He stunk b y the way. We got there at 8 amd had a nice meal, a lot of laughs, good bartender.

but at 10:13 she hands s a check.



Anyway, I call the spalpeen to get us and he is so late that they sht off the TVs, then the muisc and then some lights!!!

We killed ourslves laughing on the way home

ghetto ghetto go........get out of the the car

the car had child dafe locks and I was locked in the back seat for a whele, but someone came and got me. Not my bastid son, but someoen.

i'm going to bed. wish I had a bedtime story,

1 comment:

AFSister said...

You got DRUNK!?!???


LMFAO.. Maggs, you outdid yourself last night. TOO freakin' funny