Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Another Country Heard From


SB pops up in IM and I am ranting about Grace

SB says:
hey says:
Hi! says:
My sister Grace just made me crazy and I am blogging about it
SB says:
going to Ctown for Tday? says:
How was the gym, I didn't go says:
but of course says:
dinner at 1300 says:
so I will not be online
SB says:
it was fine. still have congestion in my chest so got winded pretty quickly
SB says:
why did Grace make you crazy?
SB says:
shall I go look at the blog? says:
I have been a good girl on Atkins lately and I have been having a little internal debate about Thanksgiving. Nothing would really tempt me if I didn't make chutney. I had just about decided to not make chutney says:
no it's not up yet
SB says:
seems to me I caused a problem with your chutney once says:
then Grace called and reminded me that the desserts that my parents and Jen and I bought as part of Genevieve's school fundraiser says:
lol you did
SB says:
have not looked at the blog in days says:
anyway all the desserts will be there tomorrow says:
argh! says:
normally they have apple and pumpkin pie unless I make something else says:
I can resist those....easily
SB says:
so what's the problem? says:
but this is chocolate, chocolate, chocolate
SB says:
oh says:
all Gen's stuff is the problem
SB says:
have some willpower
SB says:
just walk away says:
what the eff are you talking about?
SB says:
walkin away from chocolate says:
who says:
are says:
you says:
talking says:
to says:
? says:
SB says:
i've only had dessert 3x since i've been here
SB says:
and it is plenty tempting says:
no suh says:
you don't feel that way about dessert
SB says:
but then again i expect to get my 5k time down to 30 flat says:
how about we substitute your favorite beer for dessert? says:
shut up
SB says:
bm says:
you do not have the proper amount of sympathy for my plight says:
thank goodness for the blog says:
there are people out there who will feel my pain
SB says:
when have I ever had any sympathy?
SB says:
and why would i start now? says:
kiss my royal irish ass sailor says:
you used to be really nice and complimentary when you were trying to woo me
SB says:
you always blame your sisters for everything says:
stomp....stomp says:
don't take their side says:
you bastid
SB says:
I bet Grace is as nice as Jen says:
why do I put up with you says:
not only are you not being nice says:
you are being deliberately provocative
SB says:
when have i ever been deliberately provocative? says:
I need to find a new man says:
someone who will be nice says:
someone who will say "Maggie, you are so hot." says:
"Maggie, your sisters are evil to bring chocolate cake to your Dad's house says:
that person would deserve my attention
SB says:
and you would soon kick them to the curb because they would not hold your interest says:
SB says:
yours says:
SB says:
your day is not complete if i don't give you a hard time about something


SK said...

There's nothing worse than a man who has you figured out! LOL

Trias said...

You do know Atkins doesn't work right?

BostonMaggie said...

Dear Trias, Please teel that to the box of giant clothes in my attic. I haven't seen them in 4 years.