Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Gone Baby, Gone

Jen & I went to the movies tonight and we saw "Gone Baby, Gone" I loved it, so did Jen, but we were both uncomfortable with the ending. I don't want to spoil it for anyone. At every turn we *got* him, right up to the end. For Jen & I, the main character's actions in the end just didn't track.

We loved the accents and the local stuff. We recognized all the portrayals as people we had seen all our lives. Our favorites were Bubba Rogowski played by Bostonian rapper, Slaine and Dottie. Jen & I swore that she must have been walking down the street in Dorchester and Affleck just grabbed her up and put her on that couch! Turns out that's pretty much what happened. The Boston Globe had this amazing story on her. It is Jill Quigg's first movie and they did just spot her in the street. Of course we were drawn to the two most real players.....as our cousin Chrissie likes to say "Ya can't shit a shitter."
When we were watching the previews, they ran the trailer for "No Country for Old Men". I think it's set in Texas. The trailer is maybe 3 or 4 minutes long. Jen & I must have said "What?" 20 times. I said it looked good, but we'd have to go a screening that had subtitles, lol. Then when we were watching the credits for "Gone Baby, Gone", I told Jen everyone else was going to need subtitles for this. She laughed and said she got every word, I said........."My point exactly".
I like all Lehane's books and this was no exception. While "Mystic River" is my all time favorite book, the movie was not up to that standard. This was a better movie.

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