Thursday, November 08, 2007

Cold? You Don't Know What Cold Is!

*****UPDATE***** I started this post early this morning. But it was so crazy busy in the office, I am just getting to it now. Half my staff was out. It was so busy that I didn't have time for my own nonsense!*******

"Cold? You don't know what cold is!"
This is something Jen says all the time. Last night upon walking through her front door, I remarked that I knew winter was coming because now it was finally warmer inside the house than it was outside. 40 outside/50 inside. I ate my pizza quickly before it froze on my plate.

At 2200 we called that mad-man-in-the-desert and he reported that it was getting cooler there too. It was 65 at his 0600. Jennifer made a noise that conveyed her disgust.

This morning when she got into her car, the dashboard displayed happy news for her. She called and left me this voice mail at 0804.

"33 and icy, baby! 33 and icy. You want it cold? You want to know what cold is? Today you have cold."

Just so you know, when it gets nippy in New England.........somebody's happy!

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