Monday, November 05, 2007

A Little Perspective

There has been much whining and nashing of teeth about contacting certain mad-men-in-the-desert. Dealing with phone cards, coordination of time, poor international connections has me pouting non-stop.

So the other night I was on the treadmill at the gym and the local PBS channel is showing "The Best Years Of Our Lives". I settle in for my 40 minutes, very happy with this. This is a very beautifully made and acted film by William Wyler. Three minutes into the movie, tears are running down my face. Thank God the treadmills face the wall! Thank God there aren't many people there at that time of night! Watching Myrna Loy's face when she realizes that he is there........ Watching them walk towards each other.......Watching them embrace............moves me more than I can express here. You can see the clip here.
So after 40 minutes and several more moments of being choked up (Dana Andrews talking to his father, Harold Russell talking to his girlfriend and his uncle), I head down to do some yoga. After my shower it's time to call the desert.

"I was watching "The Best Years of Our Lives". She hadn't seen him in years. There were just a few letters between them."

"Are you going to stop being such a baby?"

"No, but I am a little ashamed."

LOL I said it was a *little* perspective..........not an epiphany!

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