Saturday, November 10, 2007

Starting Off My Veteran's Day Right

Tonight we were all at my parent's house to celebrate Jen & Tom's birthdays. Everyone showed, it was great.

We were talking about the event tomorrow down in City Square. The Charlestown Historical Society is hosting the Charlestown WWII Veterans' History Day. During the conversation my mother mentioned some letters from her father's brothers during the war. Of the nine children, seven served in World War II. So out came the letters. I couldn't stop reading them. I was absolutely fascinated. Finally about 9:30, my mother made me put them down and drive Jen home.

I hadn't realized how late it had gotten, I missed my phone call to the mad-man-in-the-desert!

So, I'm off to bed to be up early tomorrow. Mass, and CCD. Then it's off to my cousin Dan's to pick up my Uncle Dan's Purple Heart. It will be one of the exhibits.

So, if you are in City Square tomorrow around 1 or 2 pm, stop by. We'll be easy to spot. Bill Durette, who runs the deal (and does a great job) has re-enactors and vintage vehicles.

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