Monday, December 17, 2007

Someone Who's Getting A Smack......

....if I ever see her "J".

"J" is someone I have met only once. I guess you'd call her a business associate of Jen's. Jen's company bought "J"'s company. There was some low level hostility. We wondered if "J" was malicious or stupid or conniving or what. Jen was pretty steamed with her. I found her innocuous and was leaning towards stupid when I met her a couple of months ago.

Fast forward to Jen's business trip to Van Nuys. Jen's coworker, Meghan wanted to see the Pacific. The subject came up at the end of one of their meetings and there was discussion. One of the people Jen was meeting with suggested a loop that would take them 17 miles south and west to Santa Monica
View Larger Map and around to Malibu and then back to their hotel. Jen had an overall idea of where these places were and that sounded like a good idea. Then, when the others left the room and it's just Jen, Meghan and "J"........"J" suggests they drive to Watts.

Yeah, that's right. Watts.

Watts, which would be 30 miles south and *east* away from the ocean - the point of the trip.
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Jen is telling me this story and I interupt to say "Watts? Like in 'Watts Riots'?" Jen laughs and says "Yeah, they had riots in the 70's. " I say "No, 1965. But whatever. What the eff is she sending you to Watts for?" And I must have that look on my face like I smell something bad (you know what a great poker face I have) because Jen laughs and says she had the same look and when "J" saw it, she said to Jen "Oh, you know about the riots in the 70's." I tell Jen I can't decide what's worse.....that "J" is malicious or stupid because the riots were in '65. Jen goes to check on Google. Why? I don't know. Why does anyone question when I know some stupid obscure fact? (Like my boss asking why I knew what a barista was when I don't drink coffee....I don't know, but I do). Anyway, Jen calls out from the computer that I'm right about 1965.....duh. Jen thought it must have happened in the 70s because she thought she remembered seeing it on TV. I told her she saw it in an episode of "Quantum Leap", lol. That was one of Tommy's favorite TV shows and if you were in my house you had to watch it. Also, our mother had all the Joseph Wambaugh books.

Can we get back to this bitch telling two (she thinks) unsuspecting Bostonians to get in their rental car and drive through to see some *tower* that some guy built. Jen asks her if it's a tower of trash and "J" says it's *recycled glass*. Whatever.

Then Jen says "Yeah, I was thinking how close "J" came to dying........if we had just gone and something happened to Meghan and would have come to Van Nuys and found out about "J" sending us to Watts......Grace would have to be pulling you off of "J"!" I just started laughing, "Are you kidding? Grace wouldn't have been pulling me off! She might have shoved my down trying to get to "J" first, but she wouldn't be pulling me off!" People always think Grace is the nice one, the reasonable one.....even her own sister. Not me, I never underestimate Grace.

Bottom line, this person will be getting a smack if I ever see her again. If I can get to her before Grace.


BostonGrlNVegas said...

OMG!!!! I make that face!!! It must be a family face!!!

SK said...

Watts?? That is NOT what most of us consider scenic :( Smack her for me while you're at it!

BostonMaggie said...

Jessica - Of course it's a family face!!!!

SK - It's gonna be like that scene in "Airplane", we're gonna line up and it's gonna get progressively worse as we advance in the line.