Friday, December 07, 2007

Line of The Day

Let's see.............who had The Line of the DAY!!!

Was it SB?

The Ogre! sent me a text message full of technical stuff to taunt me. So I asked SB to translate. I explained "Thank you, you know how important it is for me to look smart. He is typing in this lingo just to taunt me. You know how childish and competative I am." SB answers "I do". I ask "How do you put up with me?" His response? "I get deployed."


Or was it SB's BFF (aka my own flesh and blood, my sister, Jen) who has two entries?

First there is a news story about a pharmacutical company being sued. She is saying it's wrong to sue, sue, sue because then people who need those medications don't get them. She mentions a particular medication specific to her own diagnosis that never made it out of FDA testing. I look at her and say "But that one killed people!" Jen's reply? "Only a couple!"

What! I'm laughing too hard to respond.

And, finally -

When I was telling her the Orge!/SB story and I read her the crazy text message full of acronyms and technical lingo, she looked at me and said "Dacus dacum da fulla da cacook!".
Then we both crack up. I never knew Mama Kelley's mother. She died before I was born. But she was often cited for certain pearls of wisdom. This was one of them. My mother and Mama Kelley would trot this gem out once in a while. It's Latin, it's pig latin, it's nonsense, but the supposed translation is "You're full of coke". It's a nice way of saying "You're full of shit.", which apparently was a word that would never cross my great-grandmother's lips. I know Mama Kelley never said it and it would be a rare occasion for my own mother to swear. They would say it to poke teasing fun and disbelief at someone or something. It would pop out of their mouths at top speed and then they would laugh. Then we would all laugh. Of all the nonsensical things that I can spout on cue, I can't ever get that one straight, but Jen & Grace can.

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FbL said...

I vote for SB. :D