Thursday, December 13, 2007

It's Been Snowing Since Noon

It's very pretty. I am all set here at work. We have food and flashlights. The gym is across the street. I have people to call if I decide I want to leave. Of course, why would I want to go home and be marooned with those stinky boys?

So, I am going to hang and listen to Howie Carr and keep an eye on the "French Toast Alert System" over at Universal Hub.


Ron Simpson said...

We still have not recovered from all the ice we had here from last weekend. I never lost power, but there are still thousands without electricity. We are about to get snowed on tonight. They say rain turning into about 3-6 inches of snow. So more ice on the roads. Hopefully none on the trees and power lines. Those have already been hit hard enough.
Oklahoma rarely gets this kind of weather so we don't have the infrastructure to fix it.
Hope you guys stay safe up there.

Teresa said...

The really sad part... I usually go grocery shopping on Wednesday or Thursday morning.

Wednesday I was at a meeting all day - then tied up with numerous other things. That left Thursday morning for my usual grocery run... damn! Sadly my haul did include milk (albeit soy milk) and bread... no eggs though. This would have been the case regardless... but it's annoying to have it happen when everyone else feels compelled to do the same.

Now I'm guessing I need to do my usual Sunday morning shopping on Saturday morning as the nor'easter will be blowing in Saturday night. *sigh* I just can't win this week.

BostonMaggie said...

Ron - You take care down there too!

Teresa - It is not French toast with soy milk. I'm sorry.

Teresa said...

"It is not French toast with soy milk. I'm sorry."

WooHoo... you're right! LOL. Whew! I feel much better.