Sunday, December 30, 2007

Interpreting Dreams

So, anyone want to take a crack at this?

Last night, early this morning, I dreamt that I was riding/driving in a car with a man. He wasn't anyone I knew and he was too young for the Rotation. He was the passenger, sometimes I was driving and sometimes I wasn't. Anyway, I was wearing a blue sundress and I was much thinner than I am now. Pretty much how I hope to look once the Princess Crabby self improvement plan gets rolling, lol. So, anyway, I am very conscious of how happy I am with how I look in this sundress as I ride/drive this young man around. At the end of the ride, I kiss him goodbye and get out at my family cottage and my parents are there. I am standing in the yard talking to them on the porch. They are very upset with me because I haven't gone to the dentist. Suddenly there is a mirror and I see that my front tooth is all decayed and my upper arms and cleavage are all covered with bruises. There is a cut or scratch on my arm that is trickling blood. I look like a cheap streetwalker or heroin addict.

I was so upset when I woke up, I went to the mirror and checked my teeth! I ran my hands over my arms.

I think it was the part of my brain that enjoys sugar and carbs running PsychOps on me. Trying to scare me off of my P.C.S.I.P. "Hey, smartie-pants, you might get thinner, but you're pretty now.....what if that changed?" LOL

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