Saturday, December 15, 2007

The Answer Is Here

AWTM asked over at her place "The Best Christmas Present Ever?". In the post below I recounted my nonsense.

But here is the real BEST PRESENT EVER!

Local Girls Get Early Christmas Present.

Two students at North Todd Elementary received a big Christmas present a little early .
And it was an experience they'll never forget.
Mariah and Destiny Wilder weren't sure what they were about to open in front of the entire school early Dec. 13.
Their dad, Sergeant Matthew Wilder, was recently deployed to Iraq.
He sent a letter to the school saying how sorry he was that he had to miss their birthdays.
But to make up for it, the letter said he had sent them a present to open.
Mariah's mom says all Mariah wanted for Christmas was her daddy in a box.
So when Desire' Wilder found out her husband was coming home on Dec. 12, she decided to make Mariah's dream come true.
The school helped arrange the surprise.
Sergeant Wilder will be home for the holidays before heading to aviation school.

If you follow this link, there is a short video. It will touch the hardest heart. The younger daughter gets a stranglehold on her Dad that you couldn't break with dynamite.

Even Frankie said this was awesome.

Then "Good Morning America" featured their story. Sgt. Wilder said he enjoyed the chance to be on national television mainly so he could show the country a different side of military families in wartime. "Military families aren't always down all the time. You know we're supported 100% and I think that's really great." This was Sgt. Wilder's 4th deployment.

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BUMBLE!!! said...

There was another story like this on Fox yesterday where the dad came to the kids at a mall while they were telling Santa what they wanted for Christmas.

Stories like this are great.