Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Dapper O'Neil

A moment in Boston history passes with Dapper. What a character. You loved him or you hated him. There was no middle ground. Although, even if you disagreed with him, I think you had to respect his strength of character. There was nothing politically correct about him. He said whatever he thought. If you didn't like it......tough.

Lot's of comments online are very unkind about Dapper and I guess there's a whole article at the Phoenix that isn't very complimentary. But isn't that the way these things go? Dapper was very narrow. He had his ideas of who he represented and that's who he represented. Period. And he didn't care who knew.

A lot of politicians come to the table with an agenda and for most that agenda is masked or hidden or worse......compromised. Dapper was never compromised. If he was helping you, he was grand. If he was on the other side of your issue.......well, he was your enemy. Anyone who is talking smack about Dapper, well that's just sour grapes.

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