Wednesday, December 19, 2007

40,000 Hits

***UPDATE - Visitor 40,000 is here. It's someone from Boston. He or she searched Google for "david cahill charlestown job" & got my post about lights for Charlestown's Little League. This will give Jen & SB a laugh. 40,000 visits to my nonsense blog.******

I'm edging up there. I thought it would happen sometime over the weekend, but my little avalanche of from the USS Reagan story will send me over the top much sooner.

Watch the sitemeter and if it's you.............drop me a line.........please.

Right now, at 1828 here in Boston, sitemeter reads 39,947.


Teresa said...


And it looks like the sidebar is fubar right now. *grin*

BUMBLE!!! said...


BostonMaggie said...

Teresa - My sidebar has a mind of it's own!

Bumble - Thanks.