Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Good God!!

My 5th grade CCD students did better with this line of thought when we discussed it Sunday.

Disclaimer - I don't watch "The View". I don't read "HuffPo". But sometimes that's where the fun is. I was over at the super secret site and this post at HuffPo was up for discussion.

Sherri Shepherd Doesn't Get That Whole BC Thing, Insists "Jesus Came First"
For whatever reason, the ladies on "The View" were discussing ancient Greek philosopher Epicurus this morning. Naturally, talk soon migrated to the topic of religion, and Sherri "I don't know if the world is flat"Shepherd came out to play. More specifically, to spew ignorance and a complete lack of understanding of basic world history! Discussing whether Christians were around during Epicurus' time (Epicurus lived from 341-270 B.C.), Sherri chimed in, "[The Greeks] had Christians 'cause they threw them to the lions."

Painful, just painful. If you follow the link, there's video. It's just as bad as the HuffPo people make it out to be. Not that the brain surgeons at HuffPo come out all that of their first commenters comes out with - "What scares me is that there are lots of people who are just as confused as she is about the most basic events in history, such as there was a period of time "Before Christ" and a continuing period of time that is "After (the) Death" of Christ."
LOL, someone corrects him pretty quickly.

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Citizen Deux said...

Sad - but then that has been the fate of "discussion" TV. There is too little emphasis on science and too much emphasis on feelings.

Somebody ought to call Al Gore