Saturday, December 22, 2007

"Ship of Ghosts"

"Ship of Ghosts" is the latest book by James Hornfischer. Every Navy guy who comes here knows Mr. Hornfischer is the author of "Last Stand of the TinCan Sailors". Like all SWO, SB loves that book. He cites it when mentoring junior officers. When I saw that there was a new Hornfischer book, I scoured the web to find info on a book tour. There was nothing out there. I read the author's website and decided.......What the heck? Let's ask. So I emailed him.

A friend of mine is a surface warfare officer currently stationed in the Gulf. I am looking for the perfect Christmas present. Your book fits the bill since he was a huge fan of "Last Stand of the Tin Can Sailors" (but what SWO isn't?). Anyway, I would like to send him an autographed copy of the book. If I send you a copy of the book (along with the means to return it to me) would you autograph it to him? He has a growing collection of personalized books and this would be a fabulous addition. The last one I was able to obtain for him was "No Higher Honor" by Brad Peniston.
Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Mr. Hornfischer graciously answered and very promptly, I might add.
Dear Maggie,
Most certainly. My address is below. Many thanks for the kind words.

I was so excited. I opened the email and gave myself the "V". I was off and running. I emailed my sisters, called my father and told the girls in work. Then when the opportunity came, I taunted SB "I know what your Christmas present's great...I am so have to wait to find out!" Yes, I am very immature. I was bummed that couldn't blog about it, but he reads the blog and I couldn't have him finding out.

So the book went to Texas
The book came back.
The book was wrapped in Christmas paper.
The book is mailed last Saturday.

I discuss it in IMs "Try to guess what I got you! You'll never guess! It's so great!" He laughs at me and says if he'll never guess, there's no point in trying. What a party pooper!
I told him the day it was mailed that they were Christmas presents, so, you know.....don't open them.
You'd think someone in the military would be better at following orders.
So Wednesday, he pops out online and we are furiously IMing back and forth. We have a million things to say to each other. Our instant messaging is always confused and jumbled as our minds work faster than our fingers type.
In this midst of making and reading several points, this happens:

SB: Thank you for my gifts. Guess what book I'm currently reading?
SB: Yep...the very same
Maggie: Book?
SB: Ship of Ghosts
Maggie: Wait.
Maggie: Are you saying you already have "Ship of Ghosts"?
SB: No. What are you talking about?
Maggie: What are you talking about?
Maggie: You got a box recently from me? and it had two wrapped packages inside, right?
Maggie: and they were in Christmas wrapping paper, right?
SB: You mailed me a Sports Illustrated and a soft cover edition (autographed) of Ship of Ghosts, yes. Got it today
Maggie: and you had instructions not to open them until christmas, right?
SB: Well red wrapping
Maggie: AND YOU OPENED IT!!!!!!!!!!
Maggie: BASTID!
SB: No instuctions included
SB: Well for security reasons we have to be sure what has been received
Maggie: SAYS WHO?
SB: I was playing Christmas music when I opened them
Maggie: Open this, bastid
SB: And I was in my pj's and slippers
Maggie: I told you that I was sending them and I told you not to open them. Are you 6? LOL, what a brat
SB: Who wants to know? My BFF would understand.
Maggie: No, she will just say so because it's you. She has your back, but she isn't rational about it.
SB: Your package holds the speed record for getting to me
SB: So?
Maggie: The other night I was relaying some conversation between us to your BFF & she said it was awful how I made you pander to me. I said if someone else pandered, you would be disgusted with the panderer....not me. You would think less of them for putting up with me.
SB: She knows I don't pander to you or anyone else.
Maggie: I got the same answer from her that you just gave me....."So?"....."So?" It's what I get from both of is the unspoken acknowledgement that I am right!
SB: I do love my BFF
SB: Not!
Maggie: You want me
Maggie: You miss me

Very immature. Him, not me. Right?


xformed said...

Have you been sleeping through this year? "Ships of Ghosts" has been out a while and...I devoured it in a few days. Incredible history of a bad situation, but fighting the fight you can.

I found the extra surprise about the TX ANG artillery guys to be very interesting, too.

Used the material from the book for one of my "Monday Maritime Matters" posts about the Chaplin who went down with the ship. Name not given on purppose here to egg people on to reading the story for themselves. James did another fantastic job with his second book.

Suldog said...

That's a pretty funny story!

Thanks for stopping by my place, by the way. Merry Christmas!

BostonMaggie said...

***Have you been sleeping through this year? "Ships of Ghosts" has been out a while***

You can't come out here and take that tone with me!!!!

Impertinent Sailors!

Merry Christmas, Suldog.

xformed said...

:) well, I just like to sometimes goad others into a higher place. I will be looking impatiently for James' next writings...he is just that good.

BostonMaggie said...

I don't think that changes the fact that you are an impertinent Sailor.