Monday, December 10, 2007

My Saturday

I didn't go to all! Not even a "pop in". Well, there were text messages and phone can't have everything.

Which bring me to my next point. I had decided to be *bad*. I know what you're thinking...."When aren't you bad, Maggie?" Yeah, yeah. I mean on Atkins. I had two parties to go to and I decided.....Why Fight?

Of course, I as late to the first mother's family Christmas party. Mama Kelley had 5 children and 16 grandchildren, 3 step-grandchildren, and there are oodles of the next level. So every year we rent a hall or something. Each of the five Fossil (my mother and her brothers) takes a year and their children run the party. So, as I mentioned, I was late and there was literally no food left! LOL Well, you can't be bad on Atkins when there is nothing to stuff in your gullett, can you? I still had a great time. We all took our traditional group pics.....Fossils.....Outlaws (my Dad and his sisters-in-law......Reapers (my generation) and so on. Then Santa comes. Would you be surprised to know who is in charge of Santa? Who Santa's friend That's right, Santa appears every year, decked out in full regalia at the behest of Maggie.............beat that!

So after that, I head for my next shindig, praying they will feed me, lol. I almost popped over to my sister Grace's to blackmail her into ordering pizza, but then I would have been late again.

The next party was a local blogger gathering at Jill's place. She has a lovely, warm, inviting home that she graciously opened to several of us. And yes...there was food! She made an appetizer that I was too busy eating to ask too many questions, and it kept me from falling over. Then there was lasagna and green beans....strangely one of my favorite combos, green beans and any Italian food. Later there was chocolate.....brownies.....cupcakes.....I brought an assortment of Hersheys...........

Oh, who was there? Sorry, I got lost for a minute.

In addition to Jill, there was Teresa of Technicalities who I really like. She brought along the husband who at one point I noticed was in the living room with the distaff side of three of the bloggers......the "other half" room, I guess. She is fun to talk to and we have met a couple of times before. Art of New Wineskins, who could only stay a short time as we were a pitstop to his night out with his daughter who was very pleasant and didn't look too horrified by her father's imaginary friends.....that's how my sister Jen refers to all my blogger connections. They popped off to see "Enchanted" and I hope they had a great time. Another blogger I have met before and I'm always happy to see was Miss Kelly. Miss Kelly and her spouse had hosted the last get together in May and it was fun to see them again.

On the new side of things, besides Art, there was Neo of Neo-Neocon who proved to be quite the cinephile....I love that! I love movies, I love talking about movies. She was interesting on other levels, but knowing movies is always a plus with me!

Next up was Sippican Cottage........a funny guy....didn't matter what you threw at him......he tossed it back with an understated, quick delivery. I enjoyed the give and take around that table quite a bit. Although, there was a little malarkey about some alledged accent.........I don't know what they were talking about. Athough Sisu's husband Tuck was quite charming about harrassing me.

There was a suggestion that I, I can't even put up a stinking blogroll!


Teresa said...

But it would be so perfect if everyone could hear you say this with your "non-accent". *grin*

Wonderful to see you again!

Jill said...

You are a hoot and a pistol. I'm so glad you come and I had a chance to hear some of your stories in your inimitable accent. I'm glad I had the chance to keep from fainting and wasting away.

Jill said...

Well when I got a copy of my comment back in the mail, I reread and saw it made absolutely no sense.

You were fainting and wasting away from hunger and my appetizers saved you.

Now your Hersheys chocolates are saving me because I've had no desire to cook anything for the past 2 days.
I've been eating desserts and clementines balanced off by the chocolates you brought. Thanks

SK said...

It sounds as if you had a wonderful time Maggie! have an accent?? *grin*

BostonMaggie said...

Jill - I got what you meant! Enjoy the chocolate.

Otherwise - It seems I have some smartasses visiting this blog.