Monday, May 24, 2010

Oww! My Calf Muscles Ache!

Between dancing "Le Freak" at the reunion Saturday and going up and down Jen's stairs yesterday...I really need a massage....and time in a jacuzzi...and a Cape Codder.....wait! It sounds like I need another vacation, doesn't it?

I stole this from the wall of a new Facebook friend -
"I still find each day too short for all the thoughts I want to think, all the walks I want to take, all the books I want to read and all the friends I want to see......from Vicki Elam"

Thanks Ross.

This is a great way to describe my plans for the summer. I am going to bum around and just be with people. My parents have two weeks in the family cottage in July and I will just hang there. I will read on the porch while Mum does jigsaw puzzles and Dad does "projects".

I am going to go to Kansas and spend time at the Castle Argghhh!!!, we will drink blueberry margaritas and lounge in the hot tub. I might even blow something up.

I am going to let My Marine take me shooting. He's dddyyyyiiinnnnggggg to do this. He swears if he teaches me I will love it.

If I can finagle it, I am going to dump myself on Mrs. Diva down there in the Southwest.

I am going to organize a visit to the Cold River distillery in Maine and visit the makers of my favorite vodka made from Maine potatoes! Grace, Jen, Mary Ripley, Beth Donovan and anyone else who wants to go.

I am going to go to LA with Gen and see her off on her adventure in Australia in late July.

I am going to visit the Garden state and meet my great blog friend Nichevo. While I am there the Fishmugger is going to take me for ice cream.

I will go stay with Jen a while and visit New York. I have never been to Ground Zero.

I will be in the Charlestown Navy Yard for every USS Constitution function.

Of course, I will be available for any thing the US Navy wants me for, including #NavyWeek.

If I can make Chicago, Blackfive and any Chicago-area bloggers and I will close a pub.

ConcreteBob, I want you to take me on a tour of the US Marine Museum.

I also want to see the Grand Canyon.

I am open to all invitations! Make me an offer.


Anthony said...

We're looking forward to seeing you although there may be a change to my summer plans, (unique opportunity will fill you in offline.)

Hope all is well up north, weather is warm, days are long, and the grill is again fired up. All I need now is crabmeat for crabcakes and crab soup and I will be a happy boy.

Mrs. Diva said...

Give me a heads up and the drinks will be waiting ;) I might even cook....

Blood said...

If yer gonna be In Kansas at the Castle, let me know. I'll try to make arrangements for a trip up to you!

That or depending on your travel structure we can meet on yer way Southwest

Barb said...

If you'll be hitting the eastern part of the state with Sgt B, it's not that long of a drive for BCR and I to come east :-) Or for you to come west :-)
Let us know!!! I would love the chance for any shootin' opportunities!

Barb said...

And I should add, shooting can take a backseat to raising a glass or several with you :-)

BostonMaggie said...

BS - when the plan is set, there will be notice for every Castle denizen and blogger within 500 miles!

Barb - I would love to see Seattle again.

John of Argghhh! said...

*Ahem* You won't have learned to shoot until you shoot the howitzer.

Everything else is paintball.

Yer Marine said...

John's right. If I had a 155mm towed howitzer, we would shoot that.

But the paintballs I have will go through several people, trees, mild steel......

Beth Donovan said...

Hurray!! The Black Raspberries will be first - they are in bloom right now.

Then the Black Berries.

Just let us know when you want to arrive. :)

BostonMaggie said...

I love that John suggests it, because it's not an idle comment....he has one. And My Marine is lusting after it now.