Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Homework? Seriously?

So, I write about my summer plans. I tell My Marine that we will go shooting - I can resist his entreaties for only so long......

We set a date.

And then.....

Lesson 1.

Just so you know. From USNI blog:

The point is this, and then I will get back to Naval blog stuff after our foray into exterior ballistics:There is a factor in bullet performance that does not neatly fit into measurements of velocity, projectile weight and stability, accuracy, energy transfer calculations, joules of energy at impact, ballistic coefficients, penetration ability, or other measures.

There was more, but I think I dozed off at that point.

So I sent an email beefing that this is supposed to be fun. He promised it would be fun. What's the deal with homework?????

His answer -
"Just feeding your head. I am WAY sexier than Brian Lamb. Or at least I can shoot better."

Yes, yes you are. Fine, I'll go read it, and while I'm at it, I'll read this too - "I Don't Want No Teenage Queen"

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Yer Marine said...

The more one learns about ballistics, the better. I will begin reviewing the FM 6-40 with you as soon as possible.