Sunday, May 16, 2010

Last Day In Tampa

I am lounging by the pool, in the shade...under an umbrella...covered in 50 plus kid's formula sunblock...because I am crispy from yesterday's poolside adventure. But lounging none-the-less and sipping pina coladas once again...purely for medicinal purposes...really.

I'm reading a few things in a leisurely fashion.....

USNI blog has the first in a series of dispatches from Eric Kapitulik as he climbs Mount Everest. I've got to admit, I don't get the draw. But even so, it is might interesting reading.

Plus it's a welcome break from all the people in traditional media with low comprehension scores. Go read this letter. Go on, it's not that long. Don't be lazy.

Back? Ok, now tell me, do you think this headline - "Milbloggers Urge of 'Repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell'" fairly represents the content or intent of the letter? Because if you do, then I fear you would not have done well with Sister Mary Esther up on the top o' Bunker Hill.

What the letter clearly says is that we believe a change is coming and we want to be sure that all the relevant voices are heard. If you get something else out of that, it is projection on your part.
Ok, I have sat here by the pool so long that a minor storm blew in....cooled the air by at least 15 degrees, and nearly cleared the pool area, Very nice. The very nice, eatern European waitress remembered me from yesterday and my pina coladas are accompanied by nuts and bar snacks.

SB says I just loved to be fawned over. I told him that he should fawn over me....he said NO!

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xformed said... failed to extract all the fun you could have had while in town...I can't get you into the guarded building @ MacDill, but I could have been a tour guide.

Oh, well...could have rounded it out with a mini-MilBlogging gig...

Such is life. Besides, after all I've read here, I'd like to meet the brains behind the blogging!