Thursday, May 20, 2010

So, I am Still Looking for a Car...

But you know what I am open to? A scooter. The place I am moving to is only 3.5 miles from work. The gym, the stores I frequent, the place I will be getting my blood drawn when I start chemo again, are all between work and the new place.
I think I could do this? What do you think? It's only for a few months. Sometime this fall I will be going back to my parent's because chemo will be so debilitating that I won't be able to live alone.

So zipping along on a scooter seems like a really good idea. Thoughts?

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wolfwalker said...

Small, cheap, economical to operate... seems worth pursuing. I would have only two questions:

1) would local drivers respect a scooter on the road?

2) riding a scooter requires a certain amount of balance. Is there a chance you might have trouble with that?