Saturday, May 29, 2010

How To Honor LT John Finn, USN (deceased)

"Proposal to Name a US Navy ship in the honor of LT John William Finn, USN deceased"

Go read and sign this petition. I was 726. Then pass it along.

How easy is this? Go do it. And as a political is slightly more appropriate than naming something after Murtha.

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Anonymous said...

Maggie, I just came over for a "Grumpy" visit and after I leave, if there is a smile on your face, the visit has been a Success. I'm a visitor from the Castle of Argghhh! I know visitors are like fish, they begin to smell after 3 days.

I signed on for the "LT John Finn, USN" #425x.

I believe x = 4 or 6.

Have a Great Week,