Monday, May 31, 2010

May I have "Things That Will Get Me In Trouble" For $100, Alex!

So I was supposed to see Dr. Miller on June 8th. Both Grace and Jennifer have been beefing that I am going alone. It died down and I knew that was because they both plan on just going. They know where Miller's office is. I am sure that they just assume they will steamroller me.

Much like I would steamroller them if the shoe were on the other foot.

But on Thursday, Dr. Miller's office called and asked me to move the appointment up. LOL! They really think I am going to flee the jurisdiction or something. So the appointment is tomorrow.

So I thought long and hard about driving in tomorrow from the Nook. What a pain considering my nearly homeless status. I still haven't spent one night at the new place. I have been sleeping in my own house - I know I am just putting off the inevitable. There are a few problems with this....for one thing the water is shut off, lol. So I wake up and dash to the gym or down to Jennifer's.

Between the drive on the morning of a Tuesday after a holiday weekend up from the South Shore....and no water in the house.....I decided to see what William Shatner could do for me.

So, I am in the Beacon Hill Holiday Inn. Normally $199 per night, thanks to Priceline, $60 for me. Whew!

After my grueling day of lifting bales and toting barges, not to mention the emotional was nice to check in here and take a bath.

The room is so-so. If I had payed full price (which I could have afforded back in the day), I would NOT have been happy.

I told the favorite Naval Consort about this and he sighed "Maggie, you should let your sisters go with you." I told him they don't know and wouldn't unless he finked on me. Hehehe! He can't...he is cut from the same clothe as me.

So...keep quiet until after my appointment tomorrow.

Oh, by the way, this means the pool will close sooner. I will know my number by Friday.

I was talking to my ex-husband today. I found his Army uniform and asked what he wanted me to do. He wants it shipped down to Virginia! LOL! Now he takes the title of biggest hoarder! He told me that he has been watching my videos on YouTube. I said something, I forget what and he says..."There's talking? I was just watching!" Then he laughed, I know he was listening and he's just teasing me. It's uncomfortable, he knows I am making them for Tommy & Frankie to listen to later, when they miss me. Anyway, he put in his guess for the pool. He picked 6250! What? I told him that was the highest number picked and he was a bastid!

Alright, I have to go to bed. I was lucky enough to get a metered spot and not have to pay the outlandish $32 self parking fee in the garage! But I have to get to my meter by 8 am.


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