Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Euphemisms.....Be Careful!

So I am having a conversation with my fav BMCS on IM and we get to the subject of my fav YN2 who is on leave in Vegas.

"I am going to bonk YN2"


"He is in Vegas and I am trying to hook him up with a free dinner at the Cafe de Lux in the Palazzo and he is not answering me"

"Ah... I thought that perhaps BONK was a euphemism"

"No, it's a Muriel-ism (my mother)"

Afterwards, I shrugged my shoulders in horror, YN2 is younger than my oldest son....ick! For pity's sake the BMCS is too young for me, nevermind the YN2!


Warrant Diver said...

And here I was thinking the YN2 was about to have himself a real good time...I must confess I was a little jealous :)

Samantha said...

I guess I should never use the word "bonk" in a sentence ever again.

Warrant Diver said...

Samantha it's ok if it's in the right context...and directed at the right person...your sailor would probably be happy to hear it!

BostonMaggie said...

Alas the YN2 has left Vegas and missed out on his free dinner.

Samantha I do concur with the warrant!

Samantha said...

Ok, maybe I will just say it to my sailor! :)

Warrant Diver said...

I'm a little slow today, because I just realized I missed a chance to rename you BostonCougar or CougarMaggie...too late :(

Yer Marine said...


It'd come out like "Bohhstin Coogah" anyway.

Warrant Diver said...

I would like Maggie to post an audio clip so we can hear that Beantown accent.