Thursday, May 27, 2010

USNI Helps Us Remember Fallen Heroes

In a few days America will open summer with Memorial Day weekend. As is often the case, many people will be wrapped up in their own lives and the real meaning of the day will fall by the wayside.

I myself have nearly fallen into this trap because of the move. I have been so caught up in which day I can do what. I just now, in opening this email from the US Naval Institute realized that I haven't made any plans to really observe it.

It began perhaps even before the close of our nation’s Civil War: Decoration Day, a time to tidy and adorn gravesites of the wartime fallen. What we now know as Memorial Day, associating final resting places – and memories – with those who gave their last full measure, demands our consideration of their character.

On Memorial Day 2010, the Naval Institute recalls an observation of a former British prime minister.

“The legacy of heroes,” said Benjamin Disraeli, “is the memory of a great name and the inheritance of a great example.”

We invite you to ponder the rich inheritance left us by so many, over so many years and conflicts. May their sacrifice be our inspiration.

Thanks! I needed that! Love the Memorial Day slideshow.

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