Thursday, May 13, 2010

Crashing Other People's Symposium's

I am at the Joint Warfighting Conference in the Virginia Beach Convention with the United States Naval Institute. But there are other things happening here. Upstairs they are having the East Coast DON-IT conference for the DON-CIO. I checked it out.

But I just found out the the MOAA Spouse Symposium is happening down the hall! They are livestreaming it here.

I've already gone and bothered the organizers and I am going back shortly. They were very gracious and gave me all their materials and a bag!

I will miss the afternoon panel with Andi Hurley (without Andi there is no Milblog Conference, so I owe her lots! Plus I really like her. She keeps my friend Mr. Andi happy.); Ruthie - AirForce Spouse (who I have hung out with) and Kate Horrell - Navy Spouse.

At 10:15 am they are having a panel on Social Media....I think I'll go and see what I can learn!


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We did miss you very much on the afternoon panel. You have a way of livening things up... :)