Sunday, May 02, 2010

CDR William A Bullard, USN - The Watch

More from CDR O'Malley's retirement -

After the end of tour award and flag presentation by RDML Watters, it was time for "The Watch".

CDR William A Bullard III, USN, 70th in command of USS Constitution read "The Watch". I could be wrong about this part, but it seems "The Watch" is a Chief Petty Officer thing. This is of course appropriate since CDR O'Malley is a former BMC, which makes him a Mustang. CDR Bullard had to alter the script slightly to accomodate CDR O'Malley's longer service with the Navy. I also noted a friendly zing when he read the line - "Yes, even before some of us were born in this world".

Then the Chaplain, CDR Manual A. Biadog, Jr, USN gave the benediction, accompanied by "Eternal Father Strong to Save".

Finally, BMC John Goeden, USN, piped CDR O'Malley ashore.

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