Sunday, May 23, 2010

Moving Day!

I was up with the birds doing last minute things to be ready for when the boys show up around 2 pm. Pat from work will come with the big van from work and we hope to get it over with quickly. Frank's in Virginia with his Dad and I haven't asked Tom, but I will have the "boys". This is the beauty of all those marathon movie nights and pizza nights and rides I gave and the times I read while major Fifa battles were waged on whichever video system they had at the moment. Now I have a retinue of "boys" who would do anything for me.

I am grateful.

Alright, now I am at Jen's to spiff it up for the open house. Jen's in New York so I am helping out. I have every window open. It is gorgeous here in Rocky Nook. Jen's right on the water. We will miss this house. I don't think Jen will miss mine, lol! I am only half serious, Jen has many happy memories of my house from when she was young. Crazy sleepovers with her Charlestown girls.....but that's another story!

But we still have our Nook connections. Our family still owns the cottage around the corner, so I am here whenever I like.

I have tons to write about last night. The "50th Birthday Party" rocked. I saw so many friends and had so many laughs. In particular I caught up with my friend Eileen. She is a fellow Townie and we have been friends fooorrreeeevvveeeerrrr. We married, had families, etc. But, once we are back together it was just the same as if we still saw each other every day. Except for one thing - Eileen was terribly shy when we were young. I was the bold one - surprise! Now she is more bold than me! I said "Where were you in high school! Can you imagine the trouble we could have gotten into?" Amazing.

I looked good. Eileen looked amazing. Some people...well it was sad. I have to get back to the gym, lol. the next real reunion (this was 32 years) will be 2013. I hope they do something before then.

But not to worry, I have email addresses of the people I want to get together with again. Eileen and I are going to shoot tequila. Mrs. Diva? Are you here? Is it Patron Silver I want? I think I remember that.


Tom Goering said...

"Now she is more bold than me!"

Be afraid, be very afraid. :)

Mrs. Diva said...

I'm here! Anejo Gold or Platinum, pricey but worth it :D