Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Great Chump Line Caller

Howie Carr, my fav talk radio guy has a little feature every day called the "Chump Line". People call in and leave messages and they play the best ones. their favorite of the day gets played a second time at the end. Your very own Princess Crabby made the cut once and it was played twice.

Today, there were calls about the Times Square Terrorist - "Oh his house was foreclosed? It's George Bush's fault"

And #aquapocalypse - (to the tune of David Bowie's "Major Tom")
"MWRA to Mayor Tom.
MWRA to Mayor Tom.
Take your dys-in-tary pills before you turn your faucets on!"


julie said...

The ONE day I miss, and the ONE day they fail to put anything up on their download page! UGH.

Is there ANY WAY to hear the clip -- some radio archive site or via torrent or something? I am DYING to hear this!!!!

I tried emailing them, but I don't expect much.


julieid@netzero.com said...

hi, if there's a HUMAN reading this, pls email me at julieid@netzero.com abt that chumpline question....sorry, i'm not up to speed on how BLOGS work...can't seem to find ur ID here anywhere...???? thanks!