Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Meeting ADM Keating, USN (ret)

Sure there is the whole Joint Warfighting Conference.

Sure there was all the blogging, tweeting and facebooking I have to do for the USNI

Sure there is networking to do.

But come on, we all know my mission here. To meet ADM Keating, shake his hand and not make an ass of myself.


I introduced myself, have him my silly little gift, didn't stutter, drool, or step on his foot. I also remembered to mention the person who wanted to be remembered to ADM Keating.

He laughed at my funny little offering. I went to M&M.com and ordered up several bags of customized M&Ms. They are all blue and they say - "US Navy" "Huzzah" & "Bravo Zulu".

I got bags to give CDR O'Malley at his retirement; Master Chief Twiford for his frocking;the person who makes all this happen for me - Mary Ripley, Media Marketing Director of the US Naval Institute; and ADM Keating. There are two more bags, but they are headed overseas and have not yet been received.


YerMarine said...

You DIDN'T make an ass of yourself? The other day you were EARLY?

Who ARE you!?!?! What have you done with Boston Maggie!?!?!?!

BostonMaggie said...

You love me!

You miss me!

You are soooo jealous that you are not here!

Yer Marine said...



and Yes.

But I'd get fired.

Say "hi" to SWMBO for me.