Wednesday, May 05, 2010


**2nd UPDATE
This from the fav BMCS - "And just so you know, I found myself a NAVY network and a NAVY computer here and it LOVES your blog."
Ahhhh, and the world is right again.

**UPDATE - This note from Uncle Jimbo
"Maybe they meant incomprehensible and just misspelled it.
Uncle J"

Oh, someone is in trouble now!

I got this Facebook message from the favorite BMCS -

"And unfortunately, I cannot view your blog from here. The Army computers that I use say it is an "undesirable" site. Access denied. The Navy wouldn't do you like that."

There were a lot of words they could have used.....but "undesirable"????? Really?

That's just wrong! If the Army wants to say this site is full of swabbie doxie nonsense, well that's fine (and true). But "undesirable"!!!

On a happier note, this pic made another valued member of Princess Crabby's Navy Coterie, YN2, realize he was in close proximity to my BMCS. They will have a cup of coffee and discuss how lucky they are to be in my good graces.

I told the girls in the office and Rachael pointed out it was "The Six Degrees of BostonMaggie".


John of Argghhh! said...

Tell Lindy!

Anonymous said...

Hey Girl,
I just think the computer had trouble understanding your Boston accent. When you learn to speak and write like a good TX gal, then it will let it pass the filters... ha!

LindyK said...

That's certainly one error message I've never heard of! I'll believe it when I see the screen shot.

Besides, most of the networks in Afghanistan are run by the Air Force, anyway.

But, honestly - tell him to send a screen shot. While I'd certainly label the Navy as undesirable ;), I'd never say the same of Boston Maggie!

Tom Goering said...

I have this happening to my site from an AF base. I have a friend stationed at Vandenburg, and he cannot connect while at work.