Sunday, January 03, 2010

Nothing Makes Me Laugh Like Jen When She Is "ON"

By Jen, I mean "our Jen", my sister. Not that assclown Jennifer Dombrowski-Scott

People who follow world affairs, current event, whatever you want to call it, know that Yeman has been a problem long before their connection to the Christmas Day bombing attempt. She and I were driving somewhere just before Christmas and discussion turned to the Middle East. she started yelling in the car - something along the lines of "I'm so sick of all this, you know what we need to do? Leaflet Israel and tell them to leave." For a millisecond I am shocked. "Tell them all to come here, for like a month. Then we just bomb the whole Middle East to dust. And say to them 'Here! You want it back? You can have the whole thing now! It's all yours!' that would solve everything!"

I am flabbergasted - "A month? Like a vacation?" She slaps the steering wheel and says yes. I am so glad I am not driving! "They should come over to Miami for a schvitz?"

So somebody just needs to let State know that Jen has a plan.

Shortly after the Christmas Day bombing attempt, they report the Yemen connection, I send her a text, just the word "Yemen" know like when Seinfeld would say "Newman". I get back "Fuckin' Yemen!"

Then the night before last we were discussing this post - Jen won't read the blog unless it's something to do with her BFF. So when we are together I give her the highlights and explain my little quip about the guy on Christmas Day not being as dedicated as this guy.

She say "WHAT? It was up his ass? What did he fart to detonate it or did he just tell the Saudi Prince to pull his finger?" We were laughing so hard, nothing we said to each other made sense after that. For the rest of the night she just had to hold out her finger and we were lost.

I keep saying I am going to get a recorder because stuff keeps getting lost. I actually forgot about this until I opened an email from My Marine a moment ago. He was making some wise ass comment about me not pulling any brain muscles reading his latest post - bastid. But it reminded me of this story.

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