Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Twidow? Twidower?

From @ScottyHendo

Funny little article in Vanity Fair about Twitter.....

America’s Tweethearts

It's all about Twitter...which I love.

You should read it all, but my favorite quote was

"Real-world friends, and even spouses, can be left in the cold. Michaels’s husband, a real-estate appraiser with horn-rims and a crew cut—a “normy”—calls himself “the Twidower.” “My wife found Twitter and dropped me,” he says. “I basically lost my wife.” Then he sighs. “Sometimes, during dinner, it gets to be too much.”

Too funny!

I think I balance it all out pretty well. Do any of you in the Rotation or the Navy Coterie feel neglected? My Marine? My Grand Vizier? My Darling Chief? Ogre? SouthieBoy?

And of course, soon allllllll my attention will be focused on my favorite Boatswain's Mate, BMC Dotson! He has made it to Port Hueneme (way-ne-me). I hope NMCB Two One is ready for Hurricane Maggie. I'll be visiting before they head of to Afghanistan. Expect lots of focus on their activites.

Don't worry about balance, my friend Jamie is headed over to play with the Army guys and I'll be keeping you updated on his stuff too.

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