Monday, January 18, 2010

Someone Else Responds To Stupid Jenn

First a disclaimer - the Jenn we are talking about is not my beautiful, witty sister Jennifer. Instead we are talking about stupid Jenn.

The open letter got many replies and my sister Jennifer finally got around to reading them the other night. I posted about it here. As instructed by my sister Jennifer, I contacted the author to relay Jennifer's kudos. I also asked for permission to repint the response here.

I give you, the articulate and witty Phyllis LiBrandi Coppolino

@Jennifer Dombrowski-Scott: I joined this group just so that I could respond to you.

******* are NUTS!*********

I didn't need to know any of the people involved or the background of this situation to realize that. I just had to read your letter & your email to Lela. Your crazy, ignorant, misinformed, misspelled, incoherent, anti-American, double-talking, mean-spirited, uneducated, offensive, gobbledegook of a letter and email show that you need professional mental health care as well as educational help. To say nothing of the fact that you should never have been allowed in any position that had anything, whatsoever, to do with a school or children.

******* I AM afraid of YOU!********

So, who should I complain to? Your boss? Your husband's boss? The military?

Apparently, there are people connected with the school who are still pursuing CJ Grisham and trying to ruin him. They have to be reported, too.

I don't even feel sorry for you for when the time comes that your children learn the truth about you, and are as ashamed of you, and disgusted by you, as I am. I am ashamed of you because, like me, you are a woman, a mother, and a citizen, and I hate the fact that we have anything in common.

You are so obviously a bully. And I detest bullies. But, as we all know, (except you, of course, because you are so "out of it" mentally), that bullies are really weaklings. And when they can't get their way, they'll do anything under-handed that they can in order to get revenge.

That you lied against a US SOLDIER, and possibly affected his CAREER, after the sacrifices he and his family have had to make in order for him to serve OUR country, is deplorable! That you did it over an incident that was in no way connected to his position in the military is detestable! That you used his PTSD, resulting from military service, as a lying excuse to stab him in the back is absolutely sinful!

I can only hope that the truth will win out, that justice will be served, and the Army will do their duty and back-up one of their own, as soon as possible. And that the evil you & others have wrought can somehow be undone or rectified. And I hope that you all are punished for your abusive actions!

If your husband IS a Marine and/or a police officer, I am so very disillusioned by his lack of action. And I am disgusted with him, as well, for neither preventing, nor stopping your reprehensible behavior.

I am also disillusioned and disgusted by the actions of the Army in this case.

Do you even realize the long-reaching damage you have done? And those at the school who are still persecuting CJ Grisham. Are you mentally capable of understanding all the people you have negatively affected? Do you even care? I don't think so. Too bad....for the Grisham family, for others you have dealings with, and for the rest of us.
Picture my sister Jennifer and I in the balcony, like Statler and Waldorf - applauding!

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I tried to picture you and Jennifer in the balcony like Statler and Waldorf.

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