Sunday, January 03, 2010

Today I'm Glad.....

....that I'm not that jackass Jennifer Dombrowski-Scott.


I told ya! Every damn day!

If she's interested in stopping it, at any time Jenn is welcome to write another open letter apologizing to CJ for her treachery and the military for her slurs.


BillT said...

From the Screed of Jenn:

To those that did not know Mohammads first wife was actually a Catholic.

Heh. She has her own version of history, too...

Kanani said...

Note to self: Never get on Bostonmaggie's shit list.

Kanani said...

And this:
I think all sides were wrong.

Interesting. Jen has put herself in some imaginary middle. She was part of the PTA, bore witness to the nefarious plan to involve CJ's superiors and start a campaign of harassment.

But did she for one second ever think to stand up to those she served with on the PTA? No. She went along with the whole damned scheme --hence, she had a moral failure of her own. She should probably grapple with that.

As far as her fear of pedophiles ...Jen should get her kids photos off the internet. Her photo on Facebook is of her and her kids.