Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Today's Slice of Jennifer Dombrowski-Scott

In her stupid open letter on Facebook, "Jenn" (remember, as always,...not my super-intelligent, witty, beautiful sister Jennifer, aka SB's BFF) expressed this concern -

I wanted my children protected not plastered all over the internet. Can you assure me that not one pedophille has ever gone to your website? My innocent 5 yr old was on there, people are sick and can very well narrow down the area in which he resides, Yes it is really reaching but I have seen worse things happen as you recall my husband is in law enforcement.

Gee, anyone so concerned with keeping their children from being plastered all over the Internet would never post those same children in their profile pic on Facebook, would they? Well, if they did, at least they'd set the security settings so only family and friends could see those kids, right?

For the record, once it was pointed out to CJ that he had captured the child's image on his video, CJ edited the child out.

So, CJ, to protect the child and his privacy moved immediately to take corrective action.

Jennifer Dombrowski-Scott? Yeah, not so much. Months later, you can still type her name in the search window of Facebook and up pops her pic with BOTH kids.

And a quick Google search of her name also brings up the Facebook link. It's the first result....*I* am second and fifth. Someone quoting me is third. LOL!


BillT said...

I wanted my children protected not plastered all over the internet.

And so she protects them by -- plastering them all over the internet.

I'll bet she also believes that global warming causes sub-zero weather...

Stella by Starlight said...

I have withdrawn from Facebook because I got seriously hacked while I was in Maine and it took them two weeks to settle the situation. I think they got a little nervous when I noted that I called my Congressman and Senator about their easy-to-hack site. Besides, I can't deal with the Jennifer Dombrowski-Scotts of the world. She sounds like one of those people that has no understanding of the word "cache."

I cannot make out her political stance. Lord, please: I hope she doesn't consider herself a progressive—she embarrasses all of us that think. I can just hear her Marge Flanders voice bemoaning, Won't someone PLEASE think of the children? I can hear the venerable M*A*S*H surgeon, Bostonian Charles Emerson Winchester, III, exclaim, "What an cretin!"

There were many delightful retorts, weren't there? That made the letter all the more worth reading. There are too many delightful nugget to quote, but among my favorites are:

****** are NUTS!*****
    *******I AM afraid of YOU!*****

I heartily agree with this comment: Our military is a diverse community of people who serve. For many people who attack our military and their families, their prejudice is often sadly racial or classist. Since our military has no power regarding foreign policy, it is never political. Even if it were, politics has no place in the classroom. Isn't wholly demeaning any group, ethnicity, or other association of people without consideration of individuals sheer bigotry?

Good stuff. Thanks for the amusing diversion, dearest Maggie. Can I quote you? (LOL) Hi Bill T. Nice to "see" you and hope all is well with you. Happy New Year to you both.