Monday, December 28, 2009

"Suspected Terrorist"

I am so weary of political correctness. Yes, yes, I know fair trial, justice system, innocent until proven guilty.

But Jesus Mary & the was sewn into his BVDs!

How often does that happen that you have something uncomfortable sewn into your crotch and you realize....."Oh no, how did this 80 grams of PETN get here?"

I suppose I should be grateful that they even deigned to call it an act of terrorism. I'll be grateful and sit here and recite the mantra that none of these things are related...Detroit....Fort Hood.....radical Imams....

Oh and in case you want to see what a binary explosive does, my pals at the AO Shack linked a vid. 'Cause ya know...they know stuff that goes "Boom!". IYAOYAS

Live video is hung, so here is the same vid at Youtube

How to make a binary explosive or IED
Mind you, he wasn't all that dedicated...this guy was dedicated. H/T Anathema


Squid Thoughts said...

Holy crap, this video scared the pea-wadding out of me! I truly had no idea how little of this stuff is needed to be so incredibly deadly.


P.S.: not to nitpick, because I think this was a really important post might want to edit "radical Imans" to "Imams", LOL. Iman used to be radical, then she married Mick Jagger or something didn't she? :D

BostonMaggie said...

LOL! Blogger told me it was wrong with the squiggly line and I assumed they just didn't recognize the word.

to quote the Phibian "Me fixie!"

Yer Marine said...

And now Sheila Jackson Lee wants "behavioral analysis".

Twenty to one it looks something like this:

BillT said...

Sheila Jackson Lee wants behavior analysis?

The guy has been living in *Yemen* for months, then uses cash to buy a one-way ticket, he's travelling without luggage, *and* his dad turns him in -- and the Queen of Clueless still doesn't get it.