Saturday, January 23, 2010

Vis Per Mare

I listened in on a Bloggers Roundtable with Capt Bruce Lindsey, CO of USS Carl Vinson CVN70 this afternoon.

Captain Lindsay discussed some pretty interesting things and was very generous with his time.

Someone called me after to chide me about my interaction with the Captain.

"Okay, we’ll go on then. Maggie, you can go ahead next.

Q Good afternoon, Captain. This is Maggie of Bostonmaggie blogspot, and I just wanted to --

CAPT. LINDSEY: Yes, Maggie. Good afternoon.

Q My questions have pretty much been asked and answered, so I’ll just say if you could pass along to whoever on the ship is running your Twitter account, tell them Bostonmaggie says BZ.

CAPT. LINDSEY: Well, very well. I will tell my public affairs officer, because he’s the one that runs the Twitter account for us. So thank you very much for those kind words.

Q You’re all welcome. Good job."

What???? Is there something wrong with the Goddess of the Naval Blogging Strike Force asking a Sailor to pass a message?
Seriously, my fav part of the phone call was this, in answer to a question from FbL of The Castle Argghhh!!! -
CAPT. LINDSEY: I’m thinking. But what comes to mind real quickly that I haven’t touched on is that we have a lot of sailors -- a few, and each ship does -- sailors of Haitian descent. And they speak French or Creole or Patois. And so as soon as we found out we were heading this way, we found out which speakers we had on board, and they have been enormously helpful when we get medevacs. Because think if you were in a foreign country, when you got medevacked -- and that’s essentially what the aircraft carrier is to a person from Haiti -- you would love to hear somebody speaking in your own language. And so that has been critical, I think, to our success for our medevacs and for our patients. There is somebody there that can talk to them, that can explain what’s going on, and that assures
them. I think that’s a key component, and that comes, again, straight from our sailors.

Guess we'll give the good Captain a BZ as well!

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