Wednesday, January 20, 2010

For. The. Love. Of. God.

Please.......please..........please. If I've ever asked you for anything, I am begging for this.

As you see below, I have been invited to cover the USNI West 2010 conference. When this invitation came my way, the first clue was a text message from the USNI Blog Admin. I was out at East Bay with Bette & Jen. The message came "Would you be interested in covering West 2010 in San Diego?" I was thrilled! I fired back a giddy "Yes, of course!". I told Jen & Bette. They started laughing and Jen said "Good Lord!" and rolled her eyes.

The bartender came over to check on us, Colin who we love (although not as much as Dick) and asked what was up. I told him that the USNI was taking me to San Diego for their big West Conference. He looked at me quizically - he knows I am not in the military and in real life I work for Bette in an office - and he asked "What for?". We all laugh and Jen throws her hands in the air and yells "Exactly! What for!"

I explained that clearly they think I am a bigger deal than I am.

So, here's my request -

Please, please, please.....whatever you do, don't tell them! Mum's the word. Not a peep. Do not disabuse them of their illusion that Princess Crabby is an important blogger.

I will be in San Diego.

Yes, the tiara will be with me.


MaryR said...

Sometimes fate has a way of shining a light - albeit a little light.

Aside from that you are full of it if you think you don't make a difference.

Justthisguy said...

Should we warn Cap'n Lex?

Sean Walsh said...

Is this a consolation prize since you didn't get the JFK (