Thursday, January 28, 2010

Midway Magic

While I am looking forward to all of USNI West 2010, this does sound like a lot of fun!

Midway Magic*
Gala Reception aboard the USS Midway

Tuesday, February 2 6:30 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.

The Midway is a short walk from the San Diego Convention Center and the Marriott and Hyatt hotels.

Dress: Nautically Casual. Flat shoes recommended.

"Midway Magic" promises to be an amazing experience for all, including virtual reality flight simulators, restored vintage naval aircraft from World War II and other historic battles, audio tours, interactive and multimedia exhibits, and a ""must do"" visit to the Midway Museum store. There'll be plenty of food and drink, and prime networking on all decks.
Disclaimer - all of next week in San Diego is on someone else's dime, so while I am extremely grateful....I am still very broke.


Boquisucio said...

If the fog doesn't roll-in (it tends to be socked in this time of the year), make your way up to
Cabrillo National Monument
, up in Point Loma. From up there you can dominate all of San Diego, its bay, Coronado Island, North Point Air Station, etc, etc.

Pity that you are coming just after we moved out back east.

Tom Goering said...

Enjoy yourself!! Making a run to Mexico? Mmmm, Tequila!

AW1 Tim said...

I'd love to go as well, but the finances just aren't working at the moment. Sigh...

What kills me is that the hotel costs are more than the transpo costs from Maine to Sandy Eggo.

If you add in my probable bar tab, well, let's just say Hemingway was a lightweight compared to any sailor, especially an airdale. :)

Tom Goering said...

AW1 Tim, I guess if I were to rank the "alcohol intake w/o dieing" levels of the various parts of the Navy, I would have to put them in this order;

Snipes (non-sub)
All other Blackshoes (non Twidget)
Snipes (submariners)
All other Submariners
Mec Airdales
All other Airdales (non Twidget)
Twidgets (any shoe/sub&surface)
Any officer.

wifeunit said...

The whole event honestly sounds awesome! ENJOY!!