Friday, January 15, 2010

Massachusetts Is On Fire!

And baby, it's nice to have the company!

When Scott first announced, I had to explain to sooooo many people who he was. Thank God his daughter was on American Idol! LOL, I've never watched the program myself, but it gives you a jumping off point in conversation with so many people.

Months ago the conservative radio guys were saying "Good for Scott, run a good campaign and you will be well positioned for state-wide office someday." and I railed against that. I would ask people why we are conceding the race already. But now they are feeling what I was feeling.....and like Michael Buble says....It feels good.

Before the primary when Martha was battling it out with her 3 democratic primary opponents, my pals at SEIU ran an ad saying "Next Tuesday you will choose the next Senator from Massachusetts." I almost lost my mind! I called talk radio to complain. Joe & Huggy on their Saturday show let me rant (I'm pretty friendly with them), but then they laughed. I really felt I was making an important point. It contributes to the mindset that the next Senator must be a Democrat.

Another thing that made me mental was the whole "Teddy's Seat" nonsense. That one makes me grind my teeth.

I haven't really said anything in the blog because my following here isn't all that local. But I've been pushing it in emails and criminy, do I love Twitter!

Happily, Martha only continues to shoot herself in the foot. She talks about Brown not caring about rape victims and don't you know, victim rape advocates come out of the woodwork to defend him. If he didn't have much of record of support for rape victim advocacy, she might have gotten away with it. Turns out he has a strong record.

And to quote "Kevin From Heaven" - Muth-ah-ra Gawd! Who is doing her opposition research? It made some people so angry that many media outlets had to bring up her less than stellar record, in regard to sexual assault vis-a-vis not prosecuting Cardinal Law or certain priests in the priest sex abuse scandal.

Even the Boston Globe had to cover an absolutely horrifying rape case where she refused to act (a 43 Somerville cop raped his 23 month old niece with a hot curling iron). Coakley refused to act at all until the child's mother hired her own attorney to press the issue and even then it half hearted. This was when she was DA. Fortunately the next DA, Leone, picked this right up, tried the scum and he got two life terms.

Last night she explained that nuns who might object to dispensing the morning after pills shouldn't work in emergency rooms.

Keep 'em comin' Martha! Every time you opens your mouth, it's another Brown vote.

I'm listening to Howie Carr. He has had several guests and none more poignant than Gerald "Tookie" Amirault.

The Sean Hannity Show wants Howie on and he was fretting about his sweatshirt. Some woman just called in to the show....she's bringing him her husband's shirt and tie. LOL!

Go Scott Brown!

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Say it right. Howie Caaaahhhh. Who's wicked funny.