Wednesday, January 27, 2010

NVT Virus

My computer in work has this virus and I can't get rid of it. My computer is opening the internet by itself and accessing some porn site.

I am told it's part of a scam to get you to buy some anti-virus program.

I am dying! No Twitter, infrequent emails. Help me!


DL Sly said...

What virus program are you using?
Try this website, if you haven't already heard of them. They have a few free online tools you can use as well as having a rock-solid reputation for the last year or twenty. I've been using them for almost five years now (upon the recommendation of an AF aero/computer-engineer friend after seeing my continued frustration with McAfee), and the only time I've encountered a problem was due to *spousal* error.

wolfwalker said...

To be exact, it's part of a scam to get you to buy a FAKE anti-virus program. It will CALL itself an anti-virus program, but in fact it will be a whole new set of malware that will turn your computer into a zombie.

If DL Sly's link doesn't work, try MalwareBytes Anti-Malware. Very good program.

Unfortunately, if it's a REALLY smart virus, it will know how to shield against virus-scanners. In that case, the only thing to do is boot from a CD that has a known-to-be-clean virus scanner on it, then run the scan from the CD program. Either that, or just wipe the C: partition and reinstall Windows.

capo del fuoco said...

+1 for Malwarebytes. Have you resolved this yet? I have access to some help if you still need it.


BostonMaggie said...

I have Malware Bytes and it blocks that.

Our computer guy couldn't come yesterday (doctor's appointment) but he will be there today.

I am like a homeless person in the office.